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  • Engineering • Onsite Management

    Simplot – Invar Systems, Grand Forks, ND, USA

    June 2022 – Boise, ID Supporting the implementation of a complete redesign for independent automated Rover system- guide...

  • Engineering

    Simplot – Invar Systems, Boise, ID, USA

    April 2022 has brought us to Boise, ID to this exciting contract which involved Supporting of implementation of a complete...

  • Engineering • Onsite Management

    ARAG Srl, Modena, Italy

    January 2019 has brought us to Italy to this exciting contract which involved The complete overhaul/retrofit of aisle equipment...

  • Customer Training • Engineering • Maintenance

    Coca Cola, Atlanta, GA, USA

    Project Overview: Maintenance of complete Dambach ASRS, 4 multi aisle cranes incl. 2x load handling devices on each crane....

  • Engineering

    Audi, Puebla, Mexico

    Project Overview: Evaluation for the client to ensure proper functioning of telescopic forks on this automated storage system by...

  • Customer Training • Engineering

    Borg, Oberon, Australia

    Project Overview: Assessment of PLC and technical changes on Dambach ASRS, consisting of 1 mono pallet crane incl. 1x load...

  • Customer Training • Engineering • Maintenance

    Tyson Foods, Holcomb, KS, USA

    Project Overview: Maintenance of complete Dambach ASRS, consisting of 8 mono pallet cranes incl. 1x load handling devices on each...

  • Customer Training • Engineering • Maintenance

    JBS, USA

    JBS Plainwell, MI Maintenance of Dambach ASRS and load handling device (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems) This system...