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Let's Get Things Moving. Here's What We Do. We are a growing group of enthusiasts. Independent and passionate we would love to help you in all matters of your automation project.

  • Site Management

    You started a new project and want independent professional support? Let us help you succeed! We will take care of all coordinations of systems integration, optimizing start up phase of the complete automated system and ensure flawless commissioning and hand over of finished project.

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  • Operator Training

    Don’t underestimate the sheer power of your Crew: In “Fortune 500” companies, one minute of downtime costs approximately $23,000, according to Fortune magazine. Better trained and motivated employees solve problems smarter and faster, adding directly to your bottom line.

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  • Commissioning

    Here is our promise to you: Keeping tight timelines will always be priority, as are the efficient coordination of the on-site crew members, sub contractors, as well as taking care of the very complex communication process between the onsite management, client and vendor.

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  • Predictive Maintenance

    Deploying Lean maintenance practices takes analysis, planning and skill. It requires a commitment to move from a reactive to a proactive state of mind. We can help you right now to implement world-class maintenance practices and significantly improve output and productivity.

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  • PLC Programing

    Support of start-up and check-out of all system functions prior to production operation. We can handle the commissioning of system functions during production ramp up. We can help or organize PLC panel layout, Schematic drawings, Control power distribution drawings, etc…

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  • Retrofits

    We provide engineering methods to retrofit your warehouse with updated, modern, more durable, up to date mechanical, electrical and programming solutions. In addition we provide the option to rebuilt your automated system with newly manufactured original OEM parts.


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COMPRICO - Experts in Industrial Automation Over 15 Years of Service and Excellence

Testimonials Clients statements testifying our qualification

  • Comprico was a key resource for Dannon (Salt Lake City) in not only keeping the maintenance of our Storage Cranes and the complete ASRS up to date, but also in educating the maintenance staff. Christoph’s professionalism, organization and knowledge were key to helping Dannon establishing the foundation of the maintenance plan that we continue to use today.

    He was always willing to spend extra time working with staff to providing useful insight into functionality and potential issues. Christoph would be a valuable resource to any company looking to employ his skills and knowledge.

    Aaron Anderson, Dannon (Danone) Company

    Sr Manager - Flow Chain

  • The service by Comprico provided has been most reliable. Christoph’s team group have communicated and performed very well during their visits. Christoph has performed the training of maintenance, and educated tech groups in proper operation and maintenance upkeep of the AS/RS unit cranes. The attentiveness to the unit cranes from him and his group has been very effective for Tyson Foods.

  • Mr. Christoph Egger has been to Mercedes Benz MBUSI in Alabama, USA several times to perform the complete commissioning on our newly added Dambach AS/RS storage cranes, to conduct maintenance and/or training to ensure a reliable automation system and enhance the knowledge of the entire onsite maintenance crew. The quality of work, reliability, communication, and professionalism of Mr. Egger and Comprico have all been at an exceptionally high level.

    Michael Morales, Mercedes Benz

    Head Engineer, Paint Department

  • Christoph is very positive and proactive. He gets involved deep in the project. Seeking solutions or looking for better ways to achieve production output, Comprico does not stop until improvements are put in place and questions are fully answered. Thank you!

    Larry Brandt, JBS USA

    Engineering Lead