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Best Return of Investment: Predictive Maintenance.
(Image: Creative Commons CC0/pixabay)

Lean, Predictive Maintenance cuts cost and improves production by minimizing downtime. Read here about our best practices ready to implement into your manufacturing operation.

Manufacturers and Warehouse Operators worldwide know that Lean maintenance practices cut costs and improve production by minimizing downtime. But the reality is that for many Operators, up to 90% of the maintenance they perform is conducted on a reactive rather than proactive basis.

Many Operators blame the age of their equipment, the absence of spare parts and the rapid pace of manufacturing.

Enhance your Maintenance Practice

But it is possible to implement production maintenance best practices and doing so will save time and money while increasing production in the long run. Here are 10 steps to establish Lean, Predictive Maintenance practices at your operation:

  • First, we will help you gather data and calculate downtime costs
  • Next step, determine the dollar value of maintenance and spare parts
  • Analyze operational variables, slow days, fast moving days
  • Find and invest in a technology solution
  • Start scheduling preventive maintenance
  • Implement a scheduler software with smart planning function
  • Introduce predictive tools as we gain knowledge of your system
  • Move toward Total Productive Maintenance meaning include Operators in the process
  • Implement a Reliability Centered Maintenance strategy to minimize downtime
  • Bring in third-party technicians as needed

The key to good predictive maintenance is analyzing data from sensors, physical appearance, device-state on visual displays, etc. A good plan to analyze data and key insights on what to check helps take maintenance a long way in ensuring great return on investment.

Deploying Lean maintenance practices takes analysis, planning and skill. Above all, it requires a commitment to move from a reactive to a proactive state of mind. We can help you to implement world-class maintenance practices at your operation and significantly improve productivity.




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