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COMPRICO is a collaboration of independent Consultants and Professionals in the field of industrial automation and warehouse robotics. Together we have many years of experience working as educational, technical or programming specialists for industry leaders.

Our team is fluent in German and English, partly also in Spanish and has extensive work experience worldwide. We are accustomed to local culture and practices in the EU, Latin America, Australia, China and in the USA .

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COMPRICO is specialized in the project support in all phases. From planning, installation, commissioning and startup to handover and the operation. We can support you, no matter if you are the equipment manufacturer – or the operator. When we work with equipment operators, often our customers have no clear idea of what to expect and are overwhelmed when purchasing an highly automated system.

This is exactly where we work with you, stand by your side and help you to avoid expensive mistakes and miscommunication.

“Complex communication processes made simple.” That’s one of our many goals. This involves the coordination of 3rd party suppliers as well as the communication in between all involved parties. Unclear communication especially with a language, time and cultural barrier can cause long delays, unnecessary complications and many costly misunderstandings.

Project Integration, Onsite Management and Commissioning 


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COMPRICO provides full onsite integration management for your automated system. We are working with general contractors on large integrated projects but also offer on-site management or integration management for the system operator.

We offer commissioning services including both, either new systems installations or the commissioning for planned/emergency shutdowns and retrofits. This includes mechanical, electrical and PLC commissioning. We can also perform DIN safety checks to enable a safe start-up of the system.

Mechanical Engineering and Retrofit

Our team of specialists can help you to plan and implement predictive maintenance solutions into your systems and provide troubleshooting, either remotely or on-site. We also offer 24/7 emergency services to get your operations back up and running faster.

COMPRICO can assist you to upgrade certain components, or electrical systems, to improve your efficiency. These services also include planning, installation, programming, and training as needed. We can assist you in moving your entire system into a different location if necessary.

Customer Training

Our effective, professional training courses provide the in-depth and critical skills necessary for customers to independently identify and perform basic repairs, ongoing predictive maintenance and operating functions with confidence and efficiency. Therefore, reducing downtime and providing a high return of investment for the life of your equipment.

OSHA30 Certification

Certain COMPRICO members are OSHA30 qualified professionals.

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